Call for Abstracts

The abstracts can cover theoretical, experimental, or numerical aspects, and must be of archival quality. Emphasis is placed on new developments in the general field of fluid mechanics as they relate to naval hydrodynamics.

  • Cavitation and Multi-phase Flows
  • Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics in the Naval Context
  • Hydroacoustics
  • Hydrodynamics in Ship Design
  • Hydrodynamics of High Speed or Multi-hull Ships
  • Hydrodynamics of Maneuvering and Control
  • Hydroelasticity for Ships and Propellers
  • Near‐ and Far‐Field Ship Wave and Wake Hydrodynamics
  • Nonlinear Wave‐induced Motions and Loads
  • Ocean Environment
  • Propulsor Hydrodynamics
  • Turbulent Drag Reduction
  • Undersea Vehicle Hydrodynamics
  • Data Science in Hydrodynamics

The extended abstract size should be 3 pages with single spaced, single column on 8.5 by 11 inch (ANSI A /letter size) paper using Times New Roman font with 12 pt size, and with normal margins of 1 inch (2.5 cm) in all four sides. Abstracts with less than 3 pages will not be considered for review. A sample abstract is provided here. The extended abstract should include: 1. Title, Author(s)’s name(s) and affiliation(s). E-mail address and phone number for the First Author (who will be the Corresponding Author). 2. Identify one or two (no more than two) topic area(s) your paper will address from the topics listed above. 3. Introduction, providing brief background and the objective(s) of the paper. 4. Approach, describing approach how the objective will be met. 5. Results, showing major results with representative figures. 6. References, list major references.

The extended abstracts in PDF format are to be uploaded via the following internet form no later than April 30, 2021:

34th SNH Abstract Submission Form

In case of difficulty with the above form, abstracts can be emailed to

Selection of papers will be based on the technical merit and relevance of the submitted abstracts with consideration given to the technical program balance. Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified by email on July 30, 2021. The full papers in PDF format are due by January 21, 2022 to the Symposium website. The Organizing & Paper Selection Committee will then review the submitted papers and comment on the following criteria: abstract, introduction or background, uncertainty estimates on experimental data, verification and validation of computational models, figures and tables, conclusions and references. Comments by the committee will be e-mailed to the authors by April 25, 2022 for paper revision if necessary. Revised papers are due by June 1, 2022. Any paper not received in PDF format by the deadline will not be accepted. The substance of the papers to be presented at the Symposium should not have been previously presented or published.