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Prof. Szanjnfarber and lambastes standing in front of capitol building

Welcome to SzajnLab, a research group in the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at the George Washington University.

We study the design and development of complex systems, primarily in the aerospace and defense sectors. Our work considers both the organizational and technical system architectures to “design-in” an ability to achieve performance goals across extended and highly uncertain operational lifetimes. Recent projects have focused on the nature and function of scientific and technical expertise in the innovation process, particularly in the context of open innovation.

Our approach emphasizes a deep understanding of phenomena in their socio-technical context. We adopt a mixed-methods approach, with a strong reliance on qualitative techniques useful in understanding human behavior. We pride ourselves in collecting unique data sets that enable progress on stubborn policy-relevant problems.


Richard Oladele Adeyeye Jr.,

PhD Student

Research Interests: decision-making, AI for complex systems design


Jason Crusan, DEng Student

Research Interests: crowd sourcing, concept evaluation



Chris Kreuger, PhD Student

Research Interests: decision-making, AI explainability & interpretability


Suparna Mukherjee, PhD


Research Interests: engineering knowledge, system decomposition


Shweta Mulcare, DEng


Research Interests: system safety, AI/ML integration


Aditya Singh, PhD Student

Research Interests: changeability, autnomous system control



November 3rd, 2022

Aditya presented on post-production change at his first in-person conference, National Defense Industrial Association, in Orlando, FL

November 1, 2022

New paper in JMD: Z Szajnfarber, N Joseph, E Gralla (November 1, 2022). "When do Concurrent Design Facilities Need to be Flexible? Understanding the limits of fit with novel problem types" ASME. J. Mech. Des. Feb 2023; 145(2): 021402. [Link]

September 1, 2022

New paper in JMD: E Gralla, N Joseph, Z Szajnfarber (September 1, 2022). "Fit As a Diagnostic Tool: An Analytic Review of Approaches to Measure Correspondence Between Technical and Organizational Architectures" ASME. J. Mech. Des. Dec 2022; 144(12): 121401. [Link]

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