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Current Students

Past PhD Students

  • Wei Guo, Ph.D. 2023 (CS@GW, co-advise with Prof. Robert Pless)
    Ph.D. dissertation title: Safe and Trustworthy Deep Reinforcement Learning for Aircraft Separation Assurance
  • Josh Bertram, Ph.D. 2022 (ECE@ISU, co-advise with Prof. Joseph Zambreno)
    Ph.D. dissertation title: Applying FastMDP to Complex Aerospace-related Problems
  • Marc Brittain, Ph.D. 2021 (AE@ISU, co-advise with Prof. Leifur Leifsson)
    Ph.D. dissertation title: Learning-based Decision Making for Safe and Scalable Autonomous Separation Assurance
  • Hao Sun, Ph.D. 2021 (MAE@GW, co-advise with Prof. James Lee)
    Ph.D. dissertation title: Modeling and Simulation of Tumor Growth by Finite Element and Machine Learning Methods
  • Syed Shihab, Ph.D. 2020 (AE@ISU, co-advise with Prof. Christina Bloebaum)
    Ph.D. dissertation title: DeepARM: An Airline Revenue Management System for Dynamic Pricing and Seat Inventory Control using Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Xuxi Yang, Ph.D. 2020 (AE@ISU)
    Ph.D. dissertation title: Learning-based Perception and Control with Adaptive Stress Testing for Safe Autonomous Air Mobility
  • Xufang Zheng, Ph.D. 2019 (AE@ISU, with minor in statistics)
    Ph.D. dissertation title: Air Transportation Direct Share Analysis and Forecasting
  • Guodong Zhu, PhD, 2019 (AE@ISU)
    Ph.D. dissertation title: Decision Making under Uncertainties for Air Traffic Flow Management
  • Priyank Pradeep, PhD, 2019 (AE@ISU)
    Ph.D. dissertation title: Arrival Management for eVTOL Aircraft in On-Demand Urban Air Mobility

Past Postdocs

  • Pouria Razzaghi, Postdoc Researcher 2023 (MAE@GW)
    Project title: A Verification Framework for Certifying Learning-Based Safety-Critical Aviation Systems

Past MS Students

  • Yue Li, MS 2023 (Data Science@GW)
    M.S. project title: Identifying Similar Weather Sequences for Airline Decision Making
  • Josh Bertram, MS, 2020 (ECE@ISU)
    M.S. thesis title: A New Solution for Markov Decision Processes and its Aerospace Applications
  • Mohammad Anwar Manjanoor, MS, 2019 (ECE@ISU)
    M.S. project title: Autonomous Drone Racing Platform
  • Daniel Zhou, MS, 2019 (AE@ISU)
    M.S. thesis title: Airline Fleet Planning and Utilization Hours Comparison Studies
  • Imke Kleinbekman, MS, 2019 (co-advise with Prof. Mihaela Mitici, visiting from TU Delft) 
    M.S. thesis title: eVTOL Arrival Sequencing and Scheduling for On-Demand Urban Air Mobility
  • Abdullah Alnaqeb, MS, 2017 (AE@ISU)
    M.S. thesis title: Online Prediction of Battery Discharge and Flight Mission Assessment for Electrical Rotorcraft

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