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Current Students

    • Peng Zou (PhD)
    • Rujia Zou (PhD)
    • Min Tian (PhD)
    • Shrinivas Petale (PhD)
    • Tianxiang Li (PhD)
    • Jin Zhang (PhD)
    • Nathaniel Bury (BSCS)

    Visiting Scholars

    • Ms. Khulan Batbayar, Visiting PhD student from UPC (Spain) and UCLouvain (Belgium) on a US-EU collaboration project on Next Generation Internet, Feb. 2020 - July 2020.
    • Dr. Xianglin Wei, Nanjing Institute of Telecommunications Technology, March 2018 - Feb. 2019.
    • Dr. Jianhua Fan, Nanjing Institute of Telecommunications Technology, Dec. 2016 - June 2017.

    Past Students

    Doctor of Philosophy

    1. Sultan Alamro, Optimal dynamic resource provisioning to meet QoS requirements in cloud, April 2020.
    2. Maotong Xu, Deadline-aware job and task scheduling in cloud environment, February 2019. ECE Best Dissertation Award.
    3. Jingxin Wu, Resource allocation in multigranular optical networks, August 2018.
    4. Farshad Ahdi, Reliability and capacity planning in hybrid optical networks, March 2016.
    5. Juzi Zhao, Impairment-aware resource allocation in translucent optical networks, May 2014. ECE Best Dissertation Award.
    6. Majid Al-Naimi, Waveband optimization in ROADM-based optical networks, August 2011.
    7. Sava Stanic, Fault monitoring and localization in transparent optical networks, August 2010.
    8. Arush Gadkar, Time-slotted optical networks: architectures and performance evaluation, August 2010.
    9. Amir Askarian, Cross-layer approach to survivable DWDM network design, May 2010.
    10. Onur Turkcu, Transponder tunability and waveband switching in reconfigurable optical networks, Aug. 2009.
    11. Tao Deng, Physical-layer aware design and service provisioning in transparent wavelength-routed networks, Dec. 2005.
    12. Farshid Alizadeh-Shabdiz, Single and multi-hop ad hoc networks: Performance analysis and a new MAC protocol, May 2004.
    13. Sunggy Koo, Provisioning and restoration in IP/MPLS over WDM networks, May 2004.

    Master of Science

    1. Hao Xie, Virtual optical network embedding with node and link splitting in elastic optical networks, Aug. 2019.
    2. Min Tian, Energy optimization by fan speed control for data centers, Aug. 2019.
    3. Rujia Zou, P-cycle design in elastic optical networks, May 2019.
    4. Peyman Saeid, Energy-efficient QoT-guaranteed routing in translucent optical networks, Aug. 2012.
    5. Lee Swingen, A comparison study of CRZ-DPSK and RZ-DPSK modulation format versus four common impairments of an optically pre-amplified DPSK receiver, August 2008.
    6. Somak Halder, EXPRED: A new active queue management algorithm, August 2003.
    7. Cansu Altinbuken, Comparison of fair queueing algorithms, Aug. 2003.
    8. Srivatsan Sankaranarayanan, Performance evaluation of multicasting in optical networks, Dec. 2002.
    9. Venkatraman Tamilraj, Analytical blocking models for multi-rate circuits in multichannel optical networks, Aug. 2002.
    10. Ritabrata Roy, (co-advisor with Profs. C. Korman and S. Ahmadi), Minimum energy transmission schemes for mobile ad-hoc networks, Aug. 2002.
    11. Mahesh Sivakumar, Wavelength conversion and time switching in wavelength-routing networks: a performance study, Aug. 2001.
    12. Amrinder S. Arora, (co-advisor with Prof. H.-A. Choi), Design of logical topologies for optical network survivability, Dec. 2001.